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Everyone needs help from time to time.  We are committed to providing counseling and educational services to help individuals and families prosper in all areas of their life.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.


About Us

We work in diverse community settings, providing a variety of counseling, rehabilitation, and support services.  We provide services to children, individuals, and families who need help dealing with various issues.  Our staff includes Licensed Professional Counselors and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  We have extensive experience in the areas of substance abuse, crisis management, and family therapy.




We specialize in weekend and evening appointments*. Please call Ashley for your appointment today : 318-439-1399

*by appointment only



Educational programs aimed at improving your child's chances for a prosperous life.  We work in unique ways to increase scholastic success for the students and families we serve.  Our programs are designed to promote an individual's strengths, improve their weaknesses, and build on specific interests of the child and their families.  We don't tell you what you have to pursue- we listen and provide options.  There are a very limited number of students accepted into our specialized services.

"Never believe that a few caring people can't  change the world.  For, indeed, that's all who ever have".    -Margaret Mead



The Gingerbread House and Professional Counseling Services

Intensive Marital/ Relationship Intervention

Purpose is to help couples identify and work through issues that have the relationship in crisis and imminent danger or separation or break up.  Confidential Services in the form of four hour blocks of time is available.  Special circumstances may allow for the couple to participate in extended intervention if needed.  Our goal is to help the couple increase communication skills, active listening work, emotional stabilizations, hope, and support the real possibilities for relationship recovery.


Computer, Gaming, and Internet Intervention

The purpose of this program is to provide discrete confidential services for individuals suffering from excessive utilization of internet, computer, telephone, or electronic gaming.   Individuals may suffer from spending huge amounts of time online, spending money they don't have to stay connected, purchasing electronic items which only exisits in the electronic world, or putting their employment, relationships, or even their life in jeopardy by not being able to disconnect.






Liles Learning Center

Scholastic Intervention

We are accepting new students.  Call Ashley, 318-439-1399, for more information.

Individual Instruction

- Math

- Reading

- English and Writing

- Homework Support

- Study Skills

Small Group Reading Instruction

Reading 1:  1st grade and up (Phonemic Awareness/ Phonics 1)*

Reading 2:  2nd grade and up (Phonics 2/ Fluency/ Sight Words)*

Reading 3:  3rd grade and up  (Fluency/ Comprehension/ Vocabulary)* 

*Students must be assessed for placement in reading classes

Small Group Math Instruction

Math 1:  Addition and Subtraction  (1st grade and up)

Math 2:  Multiplication  (3rd grade and up)

Math 3:  Division  (3rd grade and up)

Math 4:  Fractions  (3rd grade and up)







Click for more information about National Child Abuse Prevention Month.




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